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Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Need To Bring?

  1. An acceptable form of ID (see details below).

  2. Unless we already have your documents, please bring the entire document to be notarized ~ not just the signature page. 

  3. For general notary work only: payment for the agreed upon fee. Notary fees for loan signings are typically included in your settlement charges, so no payment is due at the signing, unless you are notified otherwise.

What Forms of ID are acceptable?

A valid (non-expired), government issued, photo ID, such as:

  • State of Tennessee Driver's License

  • State of Tennessee Issued Photo ID Card 

  • United States Passport

The following items may also be used, IF they are current & contain a photograph PLUS a signature, a serial number (or other identifying number) AND a description of the person:

  • United States Military Identification

  • Driver's license issued by a state other than Tennessee

  • Identification card issued by a state other than Tennessee

  • Passport issued by a foreign government (must also be stamped by the United States Immigration & Naturalization service, in addition to meeting all of the above criteria).

(Note: Tennessee does permit the use of an expired ID if it was issued within the last 5 years; however, most lenders still require the ID to be non-expired regardless of the issue date.  Please double check your ID expiration and renew, if necessary, before your appointment). 

The following items are NOT ACCEPTABLE forms of ID for notarization purposes:

  • Social Security Card(s)

  • Birth Certificates

  • Credit / Debit Card(s)

  • School Identification Card(s)

  • Driver's License Issued in Canada or Mexico

Can I Sign My Document(s) in Advance?


This is not recommended and in some cases, not allowed. While signing in advance is legal on certain types of documents, it rarely saves time as additional steps will be required to verify that the existing signature is legitimate.  For your protection, it is always best to sign in the notary's presence. We do ask, however, that all blanks except the signature line are completely filled out on your documents prior to the appointment, when possible. 

What If One of the Signers Does Not Speak English?


In order to properly perform the notarial duties, the notary must be able to read the document and clearly communicate with each signer, individually, without the help of a translator.  As a result, we can only offer service to English speaking clients at this time, but we will gladly help you find another qualified notary in our network who can assist you.

What if the document(s) show my name in different format or spelling than the way it appears on my ID?

If you have had a recent name change due to marriage, divorce, adoption or other circumstances, we strongly recommend updating your ID prior to requesting notarization, unless the name on the document matches the name on your ID. 


Very important: In the event you are closing on a loan, please note that most lenders will require the first and last name to be an exact match to your ID PRIOR to funding the loan. 

If any part of your name is misspelled or incorrect on any of the documents that you have already received from your lender, please notify your loan officer prior to the signing appointment.

I am selling a house in another state and buying one in Tennessee (or vice versa). Can You Notarize Documents for Both States?


Yes, as long as the signer is physically present in the State of Tennessee at the time of the notarization and has an acceptable form of ID.​

Can You Give Me Legal Advice On My Document(s)?


We are not attorneys and are, therefore, strictly prohibited from rendering legal advice. So, if you have any questions concerning your documents, please discuss them with your loan officer, title company or attorney PRIOR to the notarization appointment. If you do not have an attorney, you may opt to locate one on the Nashville Bar Association lawyer referral site or contact the Bar Association for your local area for more information.

How Long Will The Appointment Take?


Appointments vary depending on the number and nature of the documents, but you can reasonably expect the following (excluding travel time):

  • Single document - 20 minutes

  • Seller's Documents - 20 to 40 minutes

  • Purchase/Refinance - 40 to 60 minutes

  • Reverse Mortgage - 1.5 to 2.5 hours

What Is Your Pricing Structure?

We quote our fees individually, based on the following variables:

  • Type and size of documents

  • Number of signers

  • Number of signatures required

  • Number of notarizations required

  • Travel time/distance

  • Advance notice vs. Rush service


Although the State of Tennessee does not mandate the fees a notary can charge, we strive to keep our fees reasonable, based on the actual services rendered. Be sure to ask about our discounts for seniors, teachers, military, first responders & others.


What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?


​Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo & Zelle. (Processing fees may apply). Receipts are provided, on request.

Thank you!  We sincerely appreciate your business!

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